Oracle DBA 19C

In this course you will Learn about the Oracle Database Architecture.
Create and manage an Oracle Database Instance.
Create and manage Storage Structures, Networking and Users
Monitor the database and manage performance.
Develop backup and recovery procedures to address your business needs.
Implement backup and recovery settings and perform backup operations to disk and tape.

Course Details

Course Duration 120 days
Training Options Online / onsite
Course Price 399 USD

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About Oracle DBA 19C Course


  • Basic SQL & Linux
  • Oracle 19C Architecture
  • Oracle 19C Database Installation
  • Oracle Multitenant Architecture
  • Creating Standard DB, CDBs, PDBs
  • Managing Database Instance
  • Oracle Net Services
  • Administering User Security
  • Creating and Managing Tablespaces
  • Managing Undo Data
  • Backup and Recovery Configuration
  • RMAN Backup Concepts
  • Backing Up the Database
  • Creating Database Backups
  • Managing a Recovery Catalog
  • Performing Database Recovery
  • Performing In-Complete Recovery Scenarios
  • RMAN Incremental Backups and Point-inTime Recovery
  • RMAN Troubleshooting and Maintenance commands
  • Using Flashback Technologies
  • Monitoring and Tuning Database Performance
  • Tuning SQL
  • Database Optimizer and Execution Plan
  • Duplicating a Database / Database Cloning
  • Data Guard Architecture & Configuration
  • Understand Database Patching Upgradation & OEM