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data science

Data Science (Ai & ML)

This course structure provides a step-by-step introduction to data analysis, Python, machine learning, deep learning and AI. It focuses on practical skills and real-world applications to make the content accessible to those without a technical background.

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Oracle DBA

Oracle 19C DBA

In-Depth Knowledge of Oracle Database Architecture: An Oracle DBA certification program provides a comprehensive understanding of Oracle database architecture, including file structures, memory structures, and background processes...

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About us

Welcome To RIAAN IT Learning

RIAAN IT Is a Global Online IT training platform for individuals & corporates with Certified trainers. We are committed to providing the best professional education to our students and to turn them into knowledgeable and successful information technology professionals.

We provide training with a wide range of courses, videos including course material and online server access for lab practice.

Riaan IT Founder

Mr. Ravi

RIAAN IT Founder

Occupation: Certified Trainer

About Ravi: 10+ years of Experience in IT Industry as an Oracle Certified Corporate Trainer
He is an Expert in Oracle DBA, Data Science and Types of Programming Languages
Ravi is a Passionate Trainer and has mentored more than 10,000+ Students.

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